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1-AFTERTHOUGHTS: Years after high school, three couples reunite at a gathering and decide to change partners for one night after a game gets introduced.
2- PORN KINGS: A drama that takes a look at four friends who run a porn production company. As they struggle making it in the business, their relationships began to deteriorate as women, family and dangerous vices come between them.
3- THE VALET: A story about Larry, a young kid who’s trying to make a simple buck at a hotel where he unwillingly gets involved in a cat and mouse game involving Russian gangsters and shady police officers.
4- SOLID ROUGH: Griffin runs a small crew of hoodlums in a city that’s destroying itself with gang violence. Recently there has been a string of stings on some of the other crews in the city. A war is about to go down unless the truth about who’s selling out who is found. This is a story about friendship, betrayal, violence and lost love.
5- HARSH CATALYSTS: An artful look at choices that people make in their lives. This story follows Jeremy, a college graduate who comes home after four years for a wedding of one of his friends. This story is told in a split timeline with different variations of what can happen to someone in a blink of an eye.
6- THE UNCOMPROMISING WOMANIZER: Jake has an uncontrollable taste for women until he finally meets his match. Leah gives Jake everything that he desires until her past comes back to haunt her. This story is about a love triangle that leads to murder and the eventual confrontation of ones’ past.
7- THE CHILDREN OF PACHUCA: Set in the backdrop of Mexico. Two young kids, Carlos and Santo grow up in the mean streets of the city. As they get older one chooses the path of raucousness as an officer of the law and the other a drug kingpin. Their paths intersect again when Carlos discovers a kidnap plot against Santo’s children.
8- WINTERPEG: A dark comedy about two criminals named Terry and Collin who just robbed a bank in North Dakota and have crossed over the border into Canada. On their way to Winnipeg they get stranded in a small town. As annoying town locals can’t seem to leave the two alone, Terry and Collin’s violent tendencies start to come out that may jeopardize their escape.
9- FIVE O: This cop drama centers around Jason Carlyle, a straight edge detective that has to break his own rules of law as he falls upon a case of baby smuggling.
10- COTTAGE NUMBER 4: A chilling horror story of three girls who arrive at a cottage of one of their friends. When they arrive, they realize that no one is there except three guys who say they were invited. As the night goes on the girls begin to understand that these men aren’t who they say they are. And as they try to leave they’re introduced to true evil.